Consideration is something of value exchanged by the parties involved, such as money, knowledge or resources. Both parties must be considerate. If only one party provides something, it is considered a gift, not a contract. According to Salmond, „the contract is an agreement that establishes and defines an obligation between the parties“. The concept of voidable contracts: Some agreements are enforceable by one party but not by other parties. It is at the discretion of that party if it is willing to enforce the contract or render it unenforceable, i.e. void. Voidable agreements are therefore both valid and void. The dotted circle of voidable agreements means that they can be declared void or valid at the discretion of a party, and therefore covers the scope of both valid and void agreements. Similarly, Sir Fredrick Pollock defined the treaty as „every legally enforceable agreement and promise is a contract“. Before we get into a discussion about the contract versus the agreement, let`s look at the legal definitions. Hypothetically, you can set up a contract for anything you want.

However, a court will not enforce a contract if its purpose is not lawful. In other words, a treaty must not contradict the laws or public policy of a country. AGREEMENT EXPRESSLY DECLARED VOID Certain agreements are expressly declared null and void. They are as follows: 1) Consent of a minor or an insane person. (SEC(11)) (2) Agreement the consideration or object of which is unlawful [Article 23] (3) Agreement concluded on the basis of a bilateral contractual error[Article 20)] (4) Agreement the counterparty or object of which is partially unlawful and the unlawful part of which cannot be separated from the legal part [Article 24)] (5) Agreement. without compensation. (SEC(25)) (6) Marriage Agreement [§ 26] (7) Trade Restriction Agreement (Article 27)] (8) Agreement on the limitation period of judicial proceedings (Article 28) (9) Agreements of uncertain significance [Article 29] (10) Paris agreements [Article 30)] (11) Agreements dependent on impossible events [Article 36)] (12) Agreements with a view to committing impossible acts [Article 56)] Similarly, if Vidya Balan in the movie Bhool Bhulaiya makes a deal at that time, when he considers himself Manjulika, the deal becomes invalid due to his insanity at the time of making the deal. (Unhealthy mind) Fraud has been defined in Section 17 of the Indian Contracts Act 1872 as the term „fraud“ and includes any of the following acts committed by or with his implied consent or by his agent with intent to deceive or induce another party of his agent to enter into the contract: — Contracts are an indispensable part of our lives. In our daily life, we enter into several contracts, for example, the purchase of books, vegetables, etc. Contracts have always been an indispensable part of our lives. Consciously or unconsciously, we sign a contract hundreds of times a year.

Even when we buy sweets, we make an agreement with the merchant. Every time we visit a restaurant or book a taxi, we sign a contract. Although contract law evolves over time, contract jurisprudence remains the same. We know what a contract is, but every day new situations arise and a new question arises in our minds as to whether this particular agreement is considered a contract or not! When two parties reach an agreement, they are generally not intended to make it legally binding. Technically, any agreement that involves two or more parties and a common intention is an agreement. An example of an agreement between two parties is when one of the people offers to share the cost of renting, a second person agrees, and they become roommates. Or you can go one step further and create The Roommate Agreement like Sheldon did in The Big Bang Theory. „Agreement“ means that performance depends solely on the free will of the parties. In other words, you can define an agreement by saying that it is an agreement on something between two or more parties with a common goal. An agreement is informal and has no legal effect. 1- There should be an agreement between two parties. An agreement is formed when one party makes an offer or gift and the other party accepts the offer.

2- The parties to the agreement should be able to conclude contracts. 3. There should be legitimate advice and purposes in relation to the agreement. 4- There should be free consent of the parties when they reach an agreement. 5. The agreement may not be declared null and void. For example – a 15-year-old boy made an agreement to sell a car to another party, then that agreement is void from the beginning. This Agreement has not been applied by law.

„A legally enforceable agreement is a contract.“ Many legal documents called agreements are actually contracts. Let`s look at some common examples of commercial contracts so that their names don`t fool you: All contracts are agreements, but not all agreements are contracts, before criticizing this statement, we need to know the exact meaning of the two important terms, i.e. contract and agreement in contract/business law. For example, if Devdas asks Paro not to marry all his life, he will give her new clothes and shoes in return; It cannot be considered a valid contract because the agreement is made under marriage restriction.