Yumbin is a veterinary drug used to stimulate the crossing of cattle that has been marketed as a human drug for ± years. In veterinary medicine, the substance has two functions: to block the effect of anesthesia after©surgery and to stimulate the mating of females. „If these are drugs that are not approved with the Maga registration, they are illegal products, and if they are given to a human, it is committing a crime,“ Sandoval says. Why did you© use yohimbine? Once we heard the name of the Yumbina, and we were curious to know more to see what© had happened. It is found in drops. We bought it in a sex shop. It cost us about 60 pesos. We acquired it out of curiosity because we knew what was going on or what©© we could do. How did they use it? We poured it into drinks from classmates± from the university. The effect we saw in them was one of despair, of fear. They looked a little desperate, and because we were laughing and amused when we saw what was happening, but then©, over the next few days, when we looked at the risks, because we were investigating what© was happening, we were afraid we had done that. According to Osmar Matsui, a specialist in sexuality at UdeG, several studies are supposed to prove the effectiveness and innocence of yohimbine. So far, however, it is not a drug approved and regulated by the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To be recognized as a drug, the chemical must be extracted and have all the specifications of a drug, such as different types of animal experimentation, until it reaches humans, in addition to proving with scientific evidence that it serves a purpose. A very important aspect is to see the side effects and toxicological problems it can cause. There are talk of a number of benefits of yohimbine, but so far, it has not been proven that the substance is as extraordinary as claimed, says Osmar Matsui. „Apparently, there are preliminary results for situations such as increased libido in women, some problems with nervous system dysfunction and to counteract the sexual side effects of antidepressants […] But you have to be careful because it has side effects, for example toxicity, which is quite high. In Mexico©, seven million men between the ages of 40 and 70, or 28% of the male population, suffer ± from erectile dysfunction. This proportion of the population represents the possible market for consumers of substances such as yohimbine, thanks to its sale to the public in stores such as sex shops, places where, behind a window, dozens of sexual amplifiers (of all prices and in every presentation) are available both to naïve minors and to unsuspecting or ill-informed adults. For Osmar Matsui, it is not fair that he is sold, because we do not even know where he comes from. They should advance research and that it can be classified as a drug within the FDA. And he warns: „They are of questionable quality.“ In countries like the United States, it is very common for people to use it in reasonable doses because they believe it may be harmless, but Dr. Lvaro Barriga Marãn of the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara „Dr.

Juan I. Menchaca“ comments that its consumption is prohibited in ± children and pregnant women. Deaths have been reported in infants and pregnancy products, so it is ± prohibited in children under 18 years of age. He said that although the hospital has not treated patients due to the high consumption of the substance, it recommends that anyone wishing to consume it be advised by a doctor©. Given the controversy about its effectiveness and consequences, and given the high rate of erocci dysfunction©problems in men or lack of sexual appetite in women, sex therapy and the professional advice of a sexologist is the best stimulant and remedy to solve sexual problems. International researchers point out that 70% of cases of erectile©dysfunction have physical causes, while the remaining 30% are caused by psychological factors, so solving these problems with „aphrodisiac magics“ like yumbin and extracts of this substance has more harmful than beneficial© effects. Playing with these products and not seeking advice from a specialist, more than boosting libido, can have serious adverse effects and lead to high costs. Specialists from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Livestock, consulted by Infobae Mexico©, explained the possible substances that could have caused the episode.

These are testosterone, Yumbin and Viagra, although the latter is not intended for veterinary purposes. In flagrant violation of the restriction imposed by the Regulation on the Hygienic Control of Products and Services, which establishes procaine, ephedrine, germanium, animal or human hormones and yohimbine (yumbin), among others, as prohibited substances, it is distributed locally without control. Yumbin is extracted from a plant native to Africa and Brazil and has been used since the 60s and is popular for allowing the restoration of sexual desire in both men and women taking©antidepressants. „There are no current registrations in Guatemala. In this sense, its availability on the market is illegal, of unknown origin and without technical-scientific support from the Department for the Registration of Inputs for Animal Use,“ Maga`s statement read. However, the sale is as illegal as it is indiscriminate, and the black market for the substance is gaining strength despite the warnings posted. Despite the risk, the „sex drug“ is offered for sale on the black online market and without restriction, so that „Yumbina“ is marketed, a banned substance whose initial use was for animal consumption as a mating resource for horse breeders. The use of substances that claim to awaken libido in order to achieve better sexual performance ± is not only a myth, but can also©have serious adverse health effects. Blood pressure problems, shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, irritability, nervousness, hot flashes of the skin, sweating, tremors, vomiting, intoxication, insomnia and panic attacks, but especially heart problems, flow failures±, psychosis, anxiety and symptoms similar to lupus, are just some of the consequences that can be experienced by those who use „aphrodisiacs“. That is, substances of dubious quality that promise to change sex life. There are dozens of these products on the market, which are advertised with wonderful properties that benefit the sexuality of both men and women. Yohimbine, also©known as yumbin, is one of the substances sold on the Internet in the form of drops and tablets (without specifying the dose for each person).

This substance is an extract of a plant that has been used for ± 60s for veterinary purposes, especially for animals such as cows to enter heat. However, researchers and specialists warn that it can have more than „good sex“ in a person. For the specialist in pharmacology of the University of Guadalajara, Miguel Madrigal Ortiz, „it is risky to use [this product]“, so he does not recommend consuming this type of substance, and less so people who suffer from heart or gastrointestinal problems. â It is marketed as a wonderful product. Actually, it`s not that much. They have a lot of problems interacting with food and certain medications. It is very important that the one who uses it as a sexual stimulant is aware that the effect is not immediate and that there are© risks of having seizures and problems. He added that although it has not been proven to cause addiction or death, the use of yohimbine can disrupt the nervous system and cause changes in people with psychiatric problems, as it is possible to cause violent attacks.