Where your LLC Notice of Incorporation will be posted. About Shutterstock Section 206 of the New York LLC Act requires LLCs to publish a notice of incorporation in a newspaper operating out of the same district as the LLC`s primary address. For LLCs in counties with high publication fees, such as New York County, this can be very expensive. For some small business owners, the cost might discourage them from starting an LLC. If you do not post notice about your LLC within 120 days of creating or registering your LLC, New York will suspend your license to do business in the state. It is therefore almost impossible to obtain commercial licences or permits. We take care of the entire publication process for you – from publishing legally compliant advertisements in approved newspapers to submitting your certificate of publication. Our office is located in Albany, one of the cheapest counties to publish. If you fail to release your LLC within 120 days of its incorporation, the New York Department of State will revoke your license to do business in the state.

What does that mean? Well, you`ll have a hard time getting the licenses or permits your LLC might need (and let`s face it – in New York, you`ll need a permit to do just about anything). Fortunately, if you don`t publish and your permission to do business is revoked, all you need to do is meet the publication requirement to get your business back on track. But as you know, if you`ve read this far – it takes at least six weeks to publish, and if you wait for the State Department to process your certificate of release, you could wait another seven months to get your business back in good shape. Both penalties can be resolved by simply posting your review. Once the publication is complete, your company can file a new lawsuit in the New York State Court. We are also fast. When your urgent legal mail arrives at our office, we scan it and upload it to your account that day. So if you`re traveling or away from your office, you won`t be in the dark about what`s going on with your business. Altamont EnterpriseEmail: $legals@altamontenterprise.com $1.92 per line for six weeks + $11.00 for affidavit of publication The information you need to send to the preferred newspapers in your application is a summary of your LLC`s bylaws or foreign qualifications. Section 206 of the New York LLC Act states that the following information must be included in the disclosure notice (you can abbreviate the information, To reduce fees): If you are forming a limited liability company (LLC) in New York, you must publish a notice of incorporation in two local newspapers and file the New York City Certificate of Publication. The legal notice you post must contain essentially the same information listed in your articles of association, including: In New York, Section 206 of the Limited Liability Companies Act requires an LLC to publish a notice in two general newspapers (one daily, one weekly) in the county where the LLC was incorporated within 120 days of its incorporation. published.

The announcement must be made once a week for six weeks and must contain a number of facts about the company and its formation. If an LLC does not meet disclosure requirements, the company`s authority to conduct business in New York may be suspended. The cost of publishing varies widely from county to county, ranging from about $300 in some northern counties to more than $1,600 in New York County (Manhattan). Yes. Arizona and Nebraska also require LLCs to publish notices of their incorporation. Learn more on our LLC Publication Requirement page. Remember when your mother paid to advertise the sale of the family farm in classified ads? That is with the exception of the legal notices. The smaller the screen, the cheaper it is, but it can be difficult to fit all the legally required information into a small space. Many people spend too much by being too wordy.

We have a super short model approved by the New York Division of Companies – part of how we keep our publishing service fees so low. New York is one of three states where newly formed limited liability companies (LLC, PLLC, LP and LLP) are required to advertise their formation in two local newspapers once a week for six consecutive weeks.