The Committee encourages and promotes access to legal representation and services for persons who do not have access to the legal system due to lack of financial resources or other barriers beyond their control; encourages the establishment and effective maintenance of programs that encourage and support the provision of pro bono legal services by members of the Association; supports members and organizations that provide legal services to low-income and disadvantaged individuals and organizations described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that cannot reasonably afford legal services; recognizes members who provide pro bono legal services; and takes other steps to assist the Association and its members in supporting their commitment to promoting pro bono legal services. District Vending Services – A District Vending Services Toolkit is available at this location for employees of the Madison Metropolitan School District who need information about sales services. The DLSC maintains and supports three legal aid programs, the Family Law Assistance Centre, the Small Claims Assistance Centre and the Veterans Law Centre. We use the help of volunteer lawyers, paralegals and law students to keep these programs running. All programs are now offered via Zoom. For an appointment with legal counsel, please email or call 608-618-2970. To volunteer with one of these programs, please contact Jennifer Binkley at The primary role of the legal department is to provide legal advice to the Superintendent and the school board. In keeping with this responsibility, Legal Counsel represents the District in litigation, prepares legal opinions, interprets Board policies, investigates claims against the District, acts as a parliamentarian at Council meetings, serves as an administrative liaison for certain Board committees, drafts contracts, and responds to day-to-day legal issues faced by District employees. Administrative Assistant Paula Starr 608-663-5454 Executive Director, Homeless and Patient Jennifer Waldner 608-663-5200

The mission of the Madison Metropolitan School District Technical Services Department is to provide the technical computer and data communication infrastructure necessary to support the district`s teaching mission and business functions. ESSER Project Manager Kate Kloetty 608-663-5454 The Ancillary Services Division is one of four divisions of the Business Services Department. The DLSC organizes presentations at law firms and other venues to recruit new pro bono lawyers and provide information to lawyers and firms interested in pro bono efforts. For more information on how to get involved or stop the roadshow at your company, please contact Jennifer Binkley If you have any resources you would like to add to this list, please send the information to >Jennifer Binkley Align local, state, and federal resources to remove barriers to education and equitable support for students, Staff and families. This work includes strengthening a multi-level support system (MTSS) while adhering to all measures to comply with the Primary and Secondary Education Act (SEA) at school and district level. Tenders or tenders – BFRs, RFPs and other opportunities are published on this website. For employees of the Madison Metropolitan School District who need to prepare a request for proposal, quote or proposal for approval by auxiliary services, a toolkit for tenders, quotes and quotes is available here. Supplier-Contractor Profile Form – Suppliers interested in doing business with the MMSD must register as a supplier by completing a Supplier-Contractor Profile form (instructions on how to complete this Supplier-Contractor Profile form are also included). Be sure to identify the appropriate GPI commodity code that your business offers. In addition, the Legal Counsel defends on behalf of the Board of Education against complaints filed with administrative bodies such as the Equal Opportunity Commission, the Equal Rights Division, the Workers` Compensation Division, the Unemployment Compensation Division, the Civil Rights Bureau, the State Department of Education, and the United States Department of Education. We maintain a comprehensive list of resources in Dane County on our resources page.

Call the Family Helpline 608-204-5678 and our Library Media Technology Specialist will help you resolve the issue. You may need to leave a message that includes your name, student name, and student number (if applicable), school, phone number, and as much detail as possible about what`s wrong with your student`s device. Jennifer Lyn Binkley, Committee Chair Community Justice Inc 214 North Hamilton, Suite 101 Madison, WI 53703 204-9642 FAX: 204-9645 We are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that all students have access to the Internet for virtual learning. Internet access options can be found here. Legal counsel also advises and represents the Education Committee on all petitions submitted that require a hearing. Examples of such petitions include Title IX appeals, hearings without renewal, and challenges to the placement of students in specialized educational services programs.