A legal secretary who used her company`s airline mileage accounts to book 80 flights for herself and her friends was banned from working in the legal profession where I grew up in California and moved to the UK to study law as a student at the University of Edinburgh. After university, I came to London to work as an intern and then as a legal researcher at a charity that advocates for the decriminalization of homosexuality around the world through strategic litigation. Although I found the law interesting and discovered that I enjoyed arguing in college, I only decided that I wanted to go to the bar after working with lawyers from this charity. Blackstone Chambers is raising its student price by £5,000 and joining a variety of large London ensembles that are now spending £65,000 to attract the best young legal talent. The Supreme Court seems to have switched to using the Calibri police in its decisions, which triggered a „legal writing war“ between lawyers I converted my Scottish law degree by taking exams in land law and trusts and justice, then went to Oxford University to study a Bachelor of Civil Law (a postgraduate teaching degree) and a Master of Philosophy in Law (a degree postgraduate research). During my time at Oxford, I taught public law, worked as a consultant for another legal charity and studied for the Bar Practice Course. I then worked in asylum law in Greece for six months before working as a judicial assistant to the Master of the Rolls at the Court of Appeal. Nestled in the heart of historic legal London, Blackstone, known for its high-level commercial and public service work, welcomes four students each year. Those who wish to apply for a student position must submit their application via the Pupillage Portal. Prospective students must complete a mini-student at Blackstone Chambers and must aim for this before submitting their student application – otherwise it will be considered a double application for a mini application and a student application. Those marking the application focus on academic achievement, legal and non-legal employment, relevant work experience, written and oral defense, and written communication skills.

Once all mini-student surveys are completed, the 16 candidates with the highest score in the application and minis will be invited to an interview during the final round. The city`s top law firms back pro bono initiative for non-legal staff The decision puts it on a par with a plethora of elite chambers, including 11KBW, which recently raised student salaries from £10,000 to £65,000, which is increasingly becoming the benchmark for Hotshot students. Lawyers have survived email and Twitter – and they will outlive everything else, predicts David Pannick QC Pupillage at Blackstone involves sitting down with four senior juniors, each specializing in a different area of law, usually one in commercial law, one in public law, labor law, and a fourth area (for example, regulation, competition or sports). Insider dashboard scores range from A* to D and come from the Legal Cheek Junior Barrister Survey 2022-23 with more than 600 lawyers in Major Chambers in England. Christopher Whitehouse, a senior partner at law firm RPC specializing in complex, high-quality litigation, speaks ahead of his appearance at tomorrow`s virtual student event #LCCareers applications for our upcoming virtual student event „Pillars of Sustainability with Bird, which will take place on Tuesday the 18th. October, 4pm to 6pm, about his experience working on crypto litigation in the UK Applications for our upcoming virtual student event „Pillars of Sustainability – with Bird & Bird“ are now open! Book your spot now: Champions call on Blackstone heavyweight to tackle UEFA ban The Legal Cheek Awards are based on an annual survey of student lawyers and trainee lawyers. This year, Blackstone Chambers was shortlisted in the following categories: Best Tips for Those Who Want to Become a Lawyer / Securing a Student Body in Your Rooms Which sets pay the best punch and are full of the largest number of Oxbridge graduates? The Chambers Most list has all the answers. Darren Grimes, 25, turns to Blackstone Chambers for violating the right to vote in the EU referendum Blackstone Chambers is perhaps best known as a broad-spectrum trading entity and has a particularly good reputation for financial services, civil fraud and commercial dispute resolution. However, it has expanded beyond its purely economic roots and has strong practices in areas such as labour law and public law, as well as media law, data protection, sports law and competition law.

The cases are said to be „incredibly diverse.“ This broad spectrum of work is also visible from the student body. One former student tells us that the student body at Blackstone Chambers is „particularly intellectually stimulating, not least because of the breadth of work we do.“ In terms of premises, Blackstone Chambers is located just minutes from the Royal Courts of Justice and overlooks the Middle Temple Gardens. The whole has recently undergone a major renovation. We hear „the new buildings are a 10/10“. They are designed to integrate the whole into a „single-site complex“ and a „modern working environment“ to meet the needs of customers in the future.