Rhodia`s notebooks get along well with my fountain pens. No. 19 is slightly shorter than an actual legal buffer size at 8 1/4″ x 12 1/2″ They call it A4+. Paper is cream,“ so it`s not really yellow. If I ever go back to the office, the Rhodias will come with me. But „legal stamps“ can be of letters, legal sizes or otherwise, always with a regulated left edge of 1 1/4″. ezop.com/ez-office-resources-guides/how-to-choose-a-legal-pad/ The Rhodia No 18 is the best legal stamp I`ve found for fountain pens. You can find it on Amazon and other physical sellers. The Legal Pads dockets are what I use and they work surprisingly well. You can find them just about anywhere. If you want something even better and have extra money, the Docket Gold Pads are also a definite step forward. Rhodia agrees very well. The #19 Pad A4+ is my favorite because it`s almost the historical legal full-size pad.

This is the only size you can also buy with doubled yellow paper, in addition to all the others that are white and lined, graphic, dot, empty. However, this may not be the best option for juicy fountain pens. This is because ink tends to bleed if it is too watery. Thank you very much. I was able to buy Rhodia a4 for $5.50 each. I missed the Michaels sale. The problem with the Rhodia I bought is that it`s Dot Grid. Blank was available for $6.50. Shipping was $10, so I ordered 10 pads. I heard about Stalogy from some people in the bullet journaling community.

But since few bullet journalists use fountain pens, I wasn`t sure if this notebook was suitable for fountain pens. After doing some research, I found that it works in the same way as the lighthouse, according to Miss Mom`s opinion. Well-behaved fountain pens will work well on this paper, but probably not with wide springs and damp inks. From my Googles. I read that many legal tampons, i.e. Gold Fibre, were once compatible with fountain pens. However, the document has changed. There seems to be a trend that many right-wing blocs of the FPF are no longer like this today. Our first choice for legal fountain pens is the Rhodia Dot Pad.

The main reason it`s our top pick is that it`s the cheapest and most accessible option on the list. Jibun Techo is by far one of the best planners on the market. The paper is excellent and uses Kokuyo Thin or MIO paper, which is similar to Tomoe River (due to its thinness). The Jibun techo is a modular planning system that can be adapted to the needs of the user. I think this notebook is the perfect combination of Traveler`s Notebook, hobonichi and the Bullet Journal method. P.S. Scribbles that almost made Matter, but I didn`t receive any substantial evidence that they are suitable for the fountain pen The only pen that blew, just a touch, was the Baron Fig Rollerball. Even some very wet fountain pens, like my Momento Zero Grande, worked very well.

Since pages are punched and most people want to use both sides of the page at this price, I`d like to see Blackwing incorporate a two-sided format. Here are the main factors to consider when choosing a fountain pen: I was surprised to discover that the Lighthouse1917 was compatible with the fountain pen. At first, I thought it wouldn`t hold up well to ink because of the complaints I heard from the bullet journal community (mainly because of the 80g/m² paper). It will ghost or shine a little, but the 1917 lighthouse is adapted to the fountain pen. I didn`t even bother to use a headlight when I started really getting into fountain pens. I didn`t try their legal tampons specifically, but after researching for inexpensive laptop paper, many people online recommended the „Caliber“ brand, which can be found in CVS pharmacies in the United States. I use legal tampons for work, but they bleed and stuff the fountain pen ink worse than almost any paper I`ve used. Do you have any recommendations for legal tampons that handle fountain pens? For reference, my favorite paper is Rhodia and Clairefontaine, so ideally something with that kind of paper quality/feel. Levenger Legal Pads have thin feathers and the paper is quite smooth. It also has the right amount of shine.

Although it is more expensive than plain paper, the price is very reasonable considering its quality as a paper compatible with fountain pens. Plus, it`s much more affordable compared to other fountain pen-compatible papers, especially if you buy it in bulk. As a practising lawyer, I can testify that it is difficult to find very good legal buffers. Ultimately, you play the „pretty good“ game and settle for something that meets most, but not all, of your stationery needs. The Blackwings version can change that. The Illegal Pad has a fairly beautiful ivory paper of 80g/m² in a rubbed, empty or dot grid format, but retains the traditional and elegant „Legal Pad“ profile. (We`ll come back to this later.) The pad is 8.5″ x 11″ letter size, not the longer traditional „legal“ format, which I prefer because the paper is compatible with more folders, notebooks, and file folders. (In my experience, almost no lawyer uses any real „legal“ paper anymore, although this may be more dependent on the specific courts in which I work.) Maruman produces notebooks suitable for fountain pens of different varieties. The Mnemosyne laptop product range consists of different sizes, orientations and fasteners.

Most (if not all) of their notebooks are also perforated, so you can always tear a page cleanly when you need it. Definitely a notebook that is ideal for taking notes. Papers suitable for fountain pens are generally more expensive than other papers. This is because they are usually much smoother and thicker to prevent the ink from bleeding. Rhodia is a highly recommended brand of feather papers. It has micro-perforated plates with different colors available. The „usability“ of fountain pen paper is relative to who uses it – so there might be a few items on this list that you (more experienced) would think you don`t belong here. As Brian mentions in this video, „there`s no fountain pen font out there.“ When choosing a paper suitable for fountain pens, you need to pay attention to the thickness. Fountain pens use more ink than gel pens. This means that thin papers are more likely to cause ink to bleed or dab. The ability of paper to absorb ink is very important when using a fountain pen. For this reason, it is highly recommended to choose one that has a fast drying time.

Not surprisingly, Clairefontaine made this list. Finally, Clairefontaine is the parent company of rhodia (having acquired it in 1997). Note that these brands don`t share the same type of paper, but both fountain pens are user-friendly. Another difference between the two is aesthetics. Clairefontaine looks more like a composition notebook with its spiral offers and connected by staples. It is also cheaper than rhodia, although it has a heavier paper weight (at 90 gsm) than Rhodia (80 g/m²). I just wanted to thank Boulderchips and support the Mintra tampons. I live in Texas where we have a grocery chain called H-E-B (it`s the best place ever). When the school year started, they stocked up on a whole range of school supplies (they usually only have a small selection of school/office supplies), including a large selection of notebooks and three packages of legal notebooks.

I don`t know where they got their notebooks from (they were all store brand), but they were all FP compatible. I only bought a pack of legal tampons, and I wish I had bought more. I guess I`ll have to wait until next year. I used Staples sugar cane until they changed the recipe a few years ago and finally abandoned the Sustainable Earth line altogether. I found this item and ordered a pack of 6 Mintra Pads for $15. It may not be as good as Clairefontaine, Rhodia, etc., but it`s pretty close. and dollar for dollar, it`s a much better company. I think I`ll order another one before they change the formula, as so many paper manufacturers seem to do! This pack of 6 5″x8″ pads costs $7.49.

The paper is quite light, slightly cream-colored, has a very light texture, and I don`t notice spreading, no suspension, no blood flow. Rhodia is awesome. Staples Signa Legal Pads are very good. Gold fiber is not. I only use Clairefontaine Triumphe pads. amazing paper and separates cleanly from the stamp every time. That`s the only thing I use. The Clairefontaine Legal Pad offers a good writing experience for fountain pens. However, I have nothing against cheap stuff if it`s good, and my last „find“ was in Sam`s Club.