We have some of the most connected lawyers in the industry. Completely. Why and how does it help you? Well, that means that in addition to legal advice, we think from all angles and find other business relationships to talk to. Plus, as one of the most active law firms in the country on social media, we`re always up-to-date on social media when it comes to listening to what`s going on, monitoring legislative changes, the latest news relevant to your industry, and expanding our network of influence and reputation to develop new relationships and ideas on your behalf. Founded in 2001, by M. Charbel ABI ANTOUN, as a boutique law firm; BLF, with a client-centric and team-oriented culture, has developed into a full-service law firm that provides a wide range of legal services to its clients, with a focus on specific areas of law such as corporate and business, banking and finance, compliance and taxation, insurance and insurance collection and, more recently, oil and gas, covering their local, regional and global needs. BL advises a leading F&B group on corporate governance, legal restructuring and implements an investment fund linked to the group. Lawyer Mark Habka appears live on Skype at MTV Lebanon News discusses the legal aspect of President Hassan Diab`s subpoena to investigate his connection to the Beirut port explosion in 2020. Lawyer Mark Habka clarifies that the Supreme Council, which has the power to conduct the trial of presidents and members of parliament, is a special court specializing only in cases of dysfunction and high treason, so that the investigating judge Tarek El Bitar does not consider the crime of the port of Beirut as a violation of labor, El Bitar considers it a premeditated murder, which is a normal crime and is subject to the Penal Code. BL, represented by Bar President Mark Habka, has been appointed legal counsel to the Lebanese Union of Public Works and Building Contractors (SLETP).

If you are a member of the Lebanese diaspora and want to recover or regain your Lebanese citizenship, Beirut Legal can help you in the process quickly and cost-effectively. The first step starts by filling out the application below and sending it to us at info@beirutlegal.net. BL has been appointed legal advisor to a renowned jewellery group and advises on the group`s implementation in the Middle East. BL is acting as legal counsel to a leading marina employment contract company engaged in the project to carry out the works related to the marina of Lebanon`s largest resort. Beirut Legal was selected for this representation because of its extensive experience in the field of cybercrime. BL takes care of the creation and legal operation of a company that produces custom and handmade dolls. Yes, we are a law firm. But beyond glass doors and qualifications, we are people like you.

Look around and you will find that we can advise you on a wide range of legal and corporate matters. Get to know us and you`ll find that we`re more than just problem solvers. We are passionate and passionate about what we do, who we work with and what we work on. BL is responsible for serving a reputable international bank as legal counsel on all debt collection claims in Lebanon. BL represents the former President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Sleiman, in a lawsuit brought before the prosecutor`s office for the false accusations and statements made to him during the Hawa El Horrieh program broadcast on LBCI concerning the illegal granting of Lebanese citizenship for the return of money. BL joins Trust Law, a pro bono program of the Thompson Reuters Foundation that provides a free service for the global dissemination of pro bono legal work and the first international information center on anti-corruption and governance issues. BL is committed to providing free legal assistance to NGOs and social entrepreneurs with limited resources. More than 190 well-known organizations operating in more than 140 countries joined Trust Law Connect even before its launch, a number that is growing rapidly. It is the first truly international service of its kind to date, bringing together more than 60 major law firms, leading lawyers from law firms such as Slaughter and May, Eversheds, Baker & McKenzie, Herbert Smith, Torys, Bird & Bird, Dechert and Beirut Legal have already supported NGOs and entrepreneurs across the network (www.trust.org/trustlaw/members/).